EPSOS - European Postgraduate Students Orthodontic Society | 2022 – 18th Annual Meeting – Limassol, Cyprus
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2022 – 18th Annual Meeting – Limassol, Cyprus

We look forward to welcoming you.

Committee invites authors to submit their case presentations for selection and inclusion in the oral presentations. Please find below instructions for the layout and send to epsosmail@googlemail.com

Keynote Speakers

Professor Ambrosina Michelotti

Topic: The role of the orthodontist in temporomandibular disorders

Prof.Dr. Ambrosina Michelotti BDS, DDS, Hon D, Orth spec, graduated from Dentistry (DDS) in 1984 and received the Honorary Degree in Dentistry from the University of Malmo (Sweden) in 2018. In 1991 she obtained the degree of specialist in Orthodontics and since then she has been providing teaching pregraduate and postgraduate courses in Orthodontics and TMD at the University of Naples Federico II. She is a full professor in Orthodontics
and Clinical Gnathology. She is director of the post-graduate School in Orthodontics and responsible for the Master course on “Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders” at the University of Naples Federico II. Her clinical interests are limited exclusively to the orthodontic practice and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. She has authored and co-authored more than 150 papers published in Italian and international journals and is a co-author of several book chapters. She also gave numerous lectures at different international congresses. Her research interests are mainly focused on clinical orthodontics, basic physiology of the jaw muscles, the etiology, diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders, and the relationship between the jaw musculature and orthodontics. She was the president of the European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders in 2010, President
of the Neuroscience group of IADR in 2011, President of SIDA (società italiana di disfunzioni ed algie temporomandibolari) in 2012-2013, and the President of the RDC/TMD Consortium at the International Association of Dental Research in 2013-2014.
She is the Editor in Chief of the Orthodontic and Craniofacial Research journal, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Oral Science, Associate Editor of the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Orthodontics, and a referee of several national and international journals.

Professor Peri Colino

Topic: “Digital workflow in Orthodontics

Prof.Dr. “Peri” Colino. Ph.D. is the Director of the Masters in Orthopedics and Digital Clinical Orthodontics at the San Antonio de Murcia University (UCAM) in Spain. He is also an Associate Professor at the Miguel de Cervantes European University. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Extremadura with “Sobresaliente Cum Laude” and his Master’s in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the Alcalá de Henares ITECO University with an Extraordinary Award. Dr. Colino is the co-author of three Orthodontic textbooks and has been a speaker at over 30 national and international congresses.


Deadline to submit Clinical Case Presentations 1st May 2022

Deadline for Vice-President and Secretary Candidacy 1st May 2022


The topic of the EPSOS meeting in Limassol 30th of May 2022 will be “Back to Basics”. No restrictions are set on the type of treatment to be presented however, the presenting author must be a member of the EPSOS (currently postgraduate student in orthodontics).


During the 18th EPSOS Meeting the new EPSOS Vice-President (2022-2023) and the new EPSOS Secretary (2022-2023) will be elected.

Please send CV and motivation letter to epsosmail@googlemail.com to apply for the positions.


The EPSOS Meeting is free of charge.

Register via https://www.eventbrite.com/e/295761810537 .

If you have any further queries in the meantime, please contact epsosmail@gmail.com